Chris Daughtry Apologizes For Refusing To Sing Patriotic Song During Fox Visit

Daughtry had performed on the show’s All-American Summer Concert Series, but declined when the hosts asked him to sing a patriotic song in honor of D-Day.

“I’m off the clock,” said Daughtry, who sounded flustered by the suggestion. “I’m going to watch ‘y’all.”

The hosts then grabbed microphones and tried to come up with a song the crowd could sing together, leading Chris Daughtry to leave the stage and make the comment, “This is where I’ll bail.”

The snub earned Daughtry a lot of scorn on Twitter, with fans pointing out that US soldiers “didn’t go off the clock” on D-Day.

On Saturday, Chris Daughtry posted an apology on YouTube, explaining that he had a moment of bad judgment.

“It was absolutely disrespectful,” he said. “Poor choice of words, terrible judgment on my part…. I wish that I could have pulled it together.”

Daughtry added that he has the utmost respect for US troops “who have sacrificed everything for our country.”

“Everyone has a moment in their life that they regret very deeply, and this is at the top of my list,” he said. “It hurts my heart to know that I have disrespected the men and women fighting every day. I apologize for offending any of our troops, any of the men and women who have served past or present,” he said. “I’m sorry.”

Chris Daughtry went on to say the work that he does is “miniscule in comparison.”

The apology was accepted by many, including service members and their families.

But not everyone was satisfied.

In his apology, Chris Daughtry emphasized that the band Daughtry is in full support of the US military and the troops.