Missing Jet Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Search Conspiracy Theory: $5 Million Reward Seeks To Expose ‘Intentional Misdirection’ Over Crash

The search for the missing jet Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 still continues but the families of the lost passengers believe it is possible that the governments and agencies are purposefully withholding critical information and they are offering a $5 million reward to any whistleblower who exposes the alleged subterfuge being committed.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, although the raw satellite data was released, families are not convinced they are being told the whole truth. It’s claimed that a British sailor spotted a plane on fire and that the sound of a crash may have been recorded. There’s also a mysterious underwater noise but experts are not too enthusiastic about finding the missing jet within the allotted 300 days. After the Flight MH370 search moved into a new area the family decided to take matters into their own hands.

After reviewing the satellite data, officials have concluded that the missing jet and the 239 people on board ended their journey in the Indian Ocean, north west of the Australian city of Perth. A man named Ethan Hunt is working with the families of the missing passengers to create Reward MH370, which hopes to uncover more information from government secret services or from an informant in terrorist networks around the world:

“I came up with the idea of crowd-funding the reward. It took me eight weeks to contact family members. In the beginning, no-one was interested, but then a couple of them did come on board. Somewhere, somebody knows the answers to what happened to the flight and possibly where the flight is.”

Five of the relatives of the passengers are leading up the project which hopes to approach the Malaysia Flight MH370 search with “fresh eyes.” For example, Sarah Bajc believes in a conspiracy theory where information is purposefully being withheld:

“Governments and agencies have given it their best shot but have failed to turn up a single shred of evidence, either because of a faulty approach or due to intentional misdirection by one or more individuals.”

Danica Weeks, wife of missing passenger Paul Weeks, claims that they had difficulty working with officials:

“We’ve been cut off so many times at the gate that we’re just now having to take things into our own hands, think outside the box and just try and do something to find this plane.”

Do you think it is reasonable to believe in a conspiracy theory where governments are responsible for the search for the missing jet Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 failing?