Anne Doubler, Sioux Falls Mom, Caught Naked With 3 Boys Ages 10 And Younger, Faces Life In Prison

Anne Doubler, a 30-year-old mom from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was caught by her boyfriend — the father of her own four-year-old son — naked in her apartment Wednesday, surrounded by three young boys who live in the same apartment complex.

The boys ran out the door as soon as Doubler’s boyfriend walked in on the bizarre and disturbing scene — a scene that could lead to Doubler going to prison for life on child rape charges.

“He walked into the apartment, ended up seeing his girlfriend completely naked and there were three boys that were inside the house,” said Sam Clemens, a cop with the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Clemens also said that in cases of child molestation, the type of apparent orgy in which Doubler was reportedly engaged is unusual.

“When we’re talking multiple victims, especially at one time, that’s something we don’t see very often,” Clemens said.

Police say that the three boys who were in the apartment with the fully naked Doubler are not the woman’s only victims. They say that as many as six young boys, all from the same apartment complex on the 600 block of North Lewis Avenue, may have been victimized by Doubler.

Police say they don’t know if Doubler, who reportedly admitted to her boyfriend that she had sexual contact with the boys, sexually assaulted all of the boys on the same day, or if her activities took place over a prolonged period of time.

But the mother of one of the victims, who gave her name only as Batulo, said that Doubler has had young boys over to her apartment on previous occasions.

“She is bad, very bad,” Batulo told KDLT TV. “I asked the officer, I said ‘what is going on, what is she doing to my baby?’ The boys are seven and eight-years-old. I said ‘what’s she thinking?’”

When police spoke to the boys with whom Anne Doubler was caught naked, they confirmed that they engaged in sexual contact with the neighborhood mom. Doubler’s boyfriend had just returned from picking up their own 4-year-old boy when he walked into the apartment and found Doubler naked with the youngsters.

Anne Doubler now faces charges of first-degree rape, sexual contact with a child under 16, and sexual exploitation of a minor — five counts of each charge. If she is convicted, she could be hit with a life sentence.

A judge ordered Anne Doubler held on $50,000 bond, permitting her to see her own little boy only under supervision.