WWE News: Daniel Bryan Being Rushed Back To Compete, Who Is Behind The Booking?

Joe Burgett

While it seems obvious that the WWE would want to see arguably their hottest WWE Superstar to-date back on TV competing in matches, sometimes you cannot have everything you want. However, try telling this to Vince McMahon. The man behind the most successful wrestling company ever didn't get that way because he lost money. McMahon was able to make a fortune by using talent to their fullest and making sure they did the job well.

The problem is that sometimes a guy like McMahon can hurt a talent more than he realizes. While Vince and the entire WWE do care about their workers, they also realize that they are needed. Obviously the wrestlers want to get back in the ring, but if they are not cleared to perform then clearly they should not be back on TV wrestling. Vince has never asked a wrestler to do anything he wouldn't do himself. So Vince has wrestled and performed hurt before. In fact, he took an F-5 by Brock Lesnar on a hip he had to have surgery on the following week.

The issue comes down to the fact that while WWE might need a Superstar or Diva to come back, they clearly do not want them to get hurt and risk them being out even longer. When it comes to Daniel Bryan, the WWE is in a catch 22 situation. They want to see him back so they can keep him as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The problem is that he is still recovering from a neck procedure. The idea originally was that he would be ready to go by WWE Payback or at least the Money in the Bank PPV. However, the procedure found more than WWE first thought. That meant it had to be corrected in the same day.

WWE does not want to take the World Title off of Bryan, but if he cannot compete, then they might have to. Vince McMahon does not want that. He is currently running all the booking when it comes to Bryan, down to the segments with Stephanie. If there is any wrestling he would do, Vince would script that as well. So whatever happens with Bryan most likely will be a Vince McMahon plan.

That is not to say Vince would not have any help in doing stuff. Obviously he will. However, every little thing when it comes to the Daniel Bryan character will be led by McMahon during the injury period.

The major thing WWE does not want to do is lose Bryan for a long time. However, they are rushing him back to at least wrestle one match and go for a month or so. Bryan could easily be at Money in the Bank, win against Kane, but then get cashed in on the MITB winner, whoever it might be. From there he could go for a while and then he'd have a fresh rivalry upon his return.

Obviously WWE will go with their own plans and that is just an idea. Right now, rushing Bryan back could be a mistake. Whether or not WWE realizes that is another thing entirely. Even if it's just one match or a simple spot, if he is not healed up properly he could seriously get hurt. It'd be better to strip the titles from him and have him win them back at SummerSlam where he'd be healthy. What do I know though?

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