Jesse Brisbin, Convicted Sex Offender, Picked The Wrong Neighborhood To Allegedly Abduct A Little Girl From A Park

Jesse Brisbin, a 30-year-old twice-convicted sex offender allegedly attempted to abduct a six-year-old girl from a Seattle park on Thursday evening, but he picked the wrong park to act on his compulsion. According to witnesses, he made it about three blocks with the girl after grabbing her by the hand and wrapping his shirt around her face before a group of about 20 neighborhood children and adults caught up with him.

According to the Seattle Police Department, the six-year-old girl broke free and Brisbin tried to run away. The men tackled Brisbin, who lives only about a half-mile from Benefit Park. The girl’s father then made the man call 911 on his own cell phone, reporting himself to police. When the cops got there, they found three men, including the girl’s father, delivering a beating to the fallen Brisbin.

As one witness reported, Brisbin assaulted one of the men who caught up to him as he tried to get away, which sparked their attack on him.

The six-year-old child was playing in the park with her siblings when Brisbin allegedly approached her and asked him to come wither her. She recognized Brisbin from the neighborhood and from a time when he had attempted to purchase a household appliance from her parents. But she refused to go with him.

“The scariest part was I didn’t want to go with the man with the red and black bag,” the girl told KIRO TV News, “and he took me all the way down the hill.”

Who knows what would have happened to the girl had the concerned neighbors failed to chase down the suspect and administer a dose of instant karma?

“When he got her he took his shirt off and tied it over her face and her ears and told her that he was going to take the poison out of her,” said the girl’s mom, Vernee Fletcher, through tears.

Fletcher got her daughter back soon after the incident, and she believes she might never have seen her child again, if not for the prompt reaction of her neighbors. “It felt like my skin melted into hers, the harder I hugged her.”

Brisbin was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time of the attempted kidnapping, stemming from a 2009 conviction for exposing himself to two children in Bellvue, Washington. He was also convicted of kidnapping, criminal sexual contact and child endangerment in New Jersey 10 years before that. In that case, he was also disciplined for attempting to cut off his required ankle bracelet.

“We’re kind of wondering how was someone like this is roaming around in our neighborhood,” said Fletcher, who also believes that the close sense of community in the Seattle neighborhood around Benefit Park is what ultimately saved her daughter from an unthinkable fate.