July 10, 2014
Jared Leto Wanted For Marvel's 'Dr. Strange' Role

Academy Award winner Jared Leto may have another role up his sleeve. The 30 Seconds to Mars musician quit acting before he took on the role of Rayon, a transgender victim of AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club. Now it looks like that award-winning role set a wave in motion for a real return to acting.

Marvel's Dr. Strange is finally making its way to closing a deal with its director, and reportedly everyone on board wants Jared Leto to play the coveted role of Dr. Stephen Strange.

According to GeekTyrant, director Scott Derrickson will helm the project. Derrickson is responsible for films like Sinister and The Day The Earth Stood Still. With Derrickson looking to direct and Jared Leto a huge contender to play the Dr. Strange, it's expected that the Marvel film will be the next big project for the Marvel Universe.

For those who aren't familiar, Dr. Strange centers around Dr. Stephen Strange who is a high class and cocky neurosurgeon. Dr. Strange has a turning point when he's involved in an accident and injures his hand. His accident puts an end to his career as a neurosurgeon. After that he travels to the Himalayas and learns how to perform magic.

Over time Dr. Strange becomes the best sorcerer on Earth and defends the world from mystical threats. His major battle is with Dread Dormammu, who is one of the main villains.

If there was ever a fandom that comes with passionate fans, it's the Marvel Universe. As expected, Dr. Strange fans already have very strong opinions about rocker Jared Leto taking on the lead role.

In addition to Jared Leto, Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch are also rumored for the role of Dr. Strange.

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