Father Hits Teacher With Baseball Bat After Reading Teen’s Texts

A Maryland father decided to take matters into his own hands when police were unable to help him charge his 15-year-old daughter’s Perry Hall teacher with a crime. The teacher is accused by the teen’s father and mother of sending “inappropriate” texts.

WXYZ Detroit reports the mother discovered the texts on her daughter’s phone, and at 3am on Thursday morning, alerted the police. The police looked at the messages and deemed that nothing illegal had taken place. The father and mother disagree.

The next morning, the 43-year-old teacher came to the teen’s home to talk to the father. He was told to leave, and when he refused, the father hit the man with a baseball bat. The teacher did not press charges and no legal action has been taken against the teacher or father.

What exactly was in the text messages in question? According to the Baltimore Sun, the father and mother describe them as:

“An emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate for a teacher and student.”

However, the Baltimore Police Department disagrees. They claim to have found nothing in the texts that suggest an inappropriate relationship had taken place between the student and teacher. The father says that it was not a singular text, but rather dozens of texts sent between the teacher and his daughter.

It is no wonder the father assumed the worst from the texts with so many teacher-student scandals making headlines across the nation. In fact, as The Inquisitr reported, three teachers in a single Brooklyn high school were allegedly in inappropriate relationships with students. It gets worse; a Louisiana teacher allegedly had sex with a male student and is charged with intentionally exposing the student to AIDS.

Many schools are taking proactive measures to prevent situations like this from happening. In October of 2013, the Register-Herald noted that Raleigh County Board of Education voted to pass a policy that bans teachers from sending personal texts to students. In regard to the ban, Superintendent Jim Brown said:

[The ban] prohibits any type of close personal relationship… that may reasonably be perceived as inappropriate.

The Raleigh school district is not alone; WFMJ reported that school districts in Ohio have also placed a ban on student-teacher texts. The ban in Ohio came after a teacher and coach were fired for two counts of sexual battery.

What do you think of the father’s reaction to the texts? Should teachers be texting students at all?