Tracy Morgan Update: Andy Samberg Says 'We're Just Holding Our Breath'

Tracy Morgan is still in critical condition after a devastating six-vehicle accident on the New Jersey Turnpike on Saturday, June 7. According to Us Weekly, Morgan's friend, Andy Samberg, spoke about the actor's condition, and it seems as though everyone is hoping for some positive news.

Samberg said:

"I know as much as you do. But it's terrifying, and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. We all hope he makes it through. It's awful. We're just holding our breath."
Several other celebrities have sent their prayers and well wishes for Morgan.Since the accident, there have not been any significant updates in regard to Morgan's health. Everyone is extremely worried about him and many are left wondering if he will pull through. According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, Morgan has reportedly been "smiling" in his hospital bed -- which is a great sign.

A rep for Morgan assured the public that his client is in "excellent care" and that his family is by his side.

The rep said:

"His family is now with him and he is receiving excellent care. We don't anticipate much of a change in his condition today but will provide a further update once more information becomes available."
As previously reported by Us Weekly, Tracy Morgan was rushed to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital after the deadly crash that occurred around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning. Two tractor trailers, two cars, and one SUV were involved in the accident. Morgan was traveling in a large chauffeured SUV after his show at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover, Delaware.

Comedian and longtime Tracy Morgan pal, James McNair, was killed in the crash. So far, that is the only fatality. Others were also injured, but their conditions are unknown. Prayers continue on social media sites and everyone is hoping for an update soon.

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