Newlywed's Fatal Car Crash Appears to Be Fault of Wife, No Lane Markings

Newlyweds Nicolas Cruz, 31, and Kristina Munoz, 26, were on their way to work at the Marhard Pullet Farm near Odell, Texas, when a freak accident occurred, according to WXYZ Detroit. The newlyweds, each driving their own vehicle, had a head-on collision. The cars crashed into one another on County Road 87.

The NY Post reports that the couple had just been married in April of 2013. According to USA Today, Cruz was driving a 1990 Mazda pickup and Munoz was in a 1999 Saturn. The crash appears to be due to one of the drivers being over the center of the road and neither wearing a seat belt.

A state trooper notes:

"This is a very narrow, blacktop county road and there are no markings. There are no shoulder markings and there are no center stripe markings."
The police also saw no skid marks from the newlywed's crash, meaning brakes were not applied by either the husband or wife. Therefore, they are trying to be determined if one of the newlywed drivers may have been over the center portion of the road causing the crash. At the time of this writing, NY Post reports that troopers believe Munoz was driving over the center of the lane when Cruz came around the curve, causing the crash.

Due to poor visibility, Cruz would have been unable to see Munoz coming his direction. Munoz is believed to have been over the center of the road at the base of the curve where the couple had the fatal crash. Sadly, the news of fault will not bring them back to the three small children they leave behind.

The couple's Facebook page shows happy photos of the couple with their three children, two boys and a girl. Family and friends were also reaching out to Munoz on her Facebook page, writing notes of remembrance in Spanish.

Some have asked why Munoz and Cruz, newlyweds, were taking two separate cars to work. According to area residents, this is common practice for couples working at the farm. However, Munoz and Cruz also worked different shifts on the farm, making two vehicles a necessity. At the time of the crash, Munoz was headed to an extension building of the farm, which is why the couple was driving in opposite directions on the road.

Similarly, another freak accident occurred, when a California football coach riding his bike home from practice on Monday night was impaled by a parking garage gate.