Sanya Skypump Brings EV Charging To Parking Lots, Uses Renewable Energy

The team at Sanya wants customers to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) when their out on the town, spending time at a friends house or handling a myriad of other tasks and to make that charging a reality the company has created the Sanya Skypump.

The Skypump (pictured above), uses wind and solar power to give charges to vehicles when their plugged into the units which are powered using 150-watt solar panels and built-in windmills.

The stations are meant to offer a full charge in four to eight hours, which probably means a quick stop at Walgreens won’t help you grab enough power to drive home, but they could work for a quick charge while eating dinner or watching a movie, the units even power lights attached to their tops which provides an added safety measure in parking lots at night.

For those in the know, the Skypump is based off the Sanya Streetlamp design.

Here’s a demo of the Sanya Skypump in action:

Hopefully these stations will see the light of day, for now they’re still in the testing phase.