2011 Chicago Cubs mid season review

With a 41-60 record, the Chicago Cubs find themselves in fifth place in the National League Central. They fin themselves in this predicament due to a 14-24 record versus their five divisional opponents, and a 5-10 record in interleague play. The Cubs have spent just one day n first place, and just this week were a full 14 games out of first place. It would seem that their GM and Manger are n the hot seat and that this team will go through a rebuilding project with a new owner in place.

The Cubs offense has scored 406 runs on 904 hits. The hit total is third best among the 16 senior circuit teams. The team batting average is .261 and that is the third best team batting average in the NL. All in all this offense looks to be doing ok. Cubs’ batters have struck out 739 times and drawn just 237 walks. That free pass total is the lowest in their league. Three of their regular nine starting fielders are hitting at least .300.

The Cubs pitching staff has given up 503 runs on 927 hits. Both of those numbers are the worst team numbers in the NL. The staff ERA is 4.64 and that is also the worst number in this league. Cubs pitchers have struck out 749 batters and issued a NL high 383 walks. Carlos Zambrano and Ryan Dempster do have seven wins, but the rest of the starting rotation has not done well. Not one member of the Cubs bullpen has an ERA lower than three.

Without a doubt, the Cubs need help on the pitching side of things. I think that is pretty clear, but I wonder how easy that will be to get. The best way would be to continue to develop their own talent, but that of course takes time.

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