Watch: Sir Mix-A-Lot Performs ‘Baby Got Back’ with Seattle Symphony

Sir Mix-A-Lot performed “Baby Got Back” while accompanied by the Seattle Symphony as dozens of Seattle women danced to the hit song on stage. Wait, are you still reading this? Why haven’t you clicked through already?

Sir Mix-A-Lot joined the Seattle Symphony as a part of its third annual Sonic Evolution project. Each year, the Symphony commissions world-class composers to write orchestral world premieres inspired by bands and artists that launched from, or are related to, Seattle. Sir Mix-A-Lot is from Seattle, and “Baby Got Back” is deeply rooted in Seattle… or maybe it’s not… either way, the Seattle Symphony performed “Baby Got Back,” because this is the world we live in.

Of course, probably the best part of the video is the throng of women of all sizes making their way to the stage at Mix-A-Lot’s invitation to shake their moneymakers. Mix-A-Lot himself seems surprised at the number that want to dance to the song, but perhaps even he underestimated the cultural impact of “Baby Got Back.” Suffice it to say, it’s a cultural force that you other brothers can’t deny.

“Baby Got Back” has been a staple of drunken sorority parties and “90s Prom” nights since this current jaded generation grew into its oh-so-totally-ironic nostalgia period, and it’s likely here to stay. The song captured the popular imagination more than 20 years ago, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and staying there for five weeks. “Baby Got Back” also proved popular in a number of other countries, hitting No. 8 in Australia, No. 25 in Australia, No. 3 in New Zealand, and No. 5 in Canada.

“Baby Got Back” was named the No. 6 Greatest Song of the 90s by VH1, though you’d probably be hard pressed to find a song that still gets as much regular play as “Baby Got Back.” VH1 also dubbed the song the Top One-Hit Wonder of the 90s, but, again, how many other one-hit wonders still get quite as much spin as “Baby Got Back”?

To call “Baby Got Back” a seminal song is something of an understatement. “Baby Got Back” undoubtedly launched a societal shift that made it possible for non “beanpole dames” to, in fact, become Miss Thang. Before “Baby Got Back,” there was no J-Lo, no “Bootylicious,” it was just a different time. Sir Mix-A-Lot changed the culture, and he might deserve an actual knighthood for that.