‘The Mirror’ Newspaper May Have Been One Of First To Hack Phones

It’s not just Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World that likes to hack phones to scoop stories, British paper The Mirror allegedly started the hacking for stories trend ten years ago according to a former employee.

Speaking to the Independent James Hipwell said:

“It was seen as a bit of a wheeze, slightly underhand but something many of them did,” while he added, “After they’d hacked into someone’s mobile they’d delete the message so another paper couldn’t get the story.”

Hipwell is in the process of hiring a lawyer and therefore did not comment on the entire situation, however if his 2000 hacking claim is correct it could lead to even further industry investigations, especially since he claims:

“They weren’t isolated. They weren’t the only ones.”

Could more newspaper closings and further loss of trust be on the way? This could be the last gasp for older print edition company’s who were struggling to keep their doors open in the first place.