Great White Shark: Attack By Sea Monster Swallows ‘Small’ Shark, Is It The Bible’s Leviathan? [Video]

If a great white shark attack is scary, then what type of sea monster can beat out this apex predator… perhaps it’s the Bible’s Leviathan?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the top 10 shark attack videos are like something out of a horror movie and are not for the faint of heart. But in order to prevent further shark attack victims, scientists have been tagging larger sharks in order to keep track of them in the ocean. For example, researchers in Australia recently tagged the largest great white shark and nicknamed it Joan Of Shark.

Some of these scientists stumbled upon a sea monster when they tagged a healthy 9-foot great white shark only to find the tracking device washed upon the beach four months later. The data from the device showed a rapid temperature rise combined with a plunge of 1,900 feet down into the ocean deep. The device moved around in that location for several days before eventually making its way to shore.

The researchers hypothesized that a super predator swallowed the great white shark and then swam down to its normal habitat to lurk. They believe the temperature spike indicates the device was inside the sea monster’s digestive tract. As for the identity of this fearsome beast, the above video is part of a documentary called Hunt for the Super Predator, which claims that the tracking information would match a colossal cannibal great white shark. Although the researchers are not certain, it’s possible it was a territorial dispute, a hunger induced attack, or it’s simply a case of big sharks eat little sharks. After all, they estimated this sea monster to be 16 feet long and weighed over two tons.

Because of the lack of certainty we can have a little fun with speculation. Now here is the description of the Bible’s Leviathan:

“I will not fail to speak of Leviathan’s limbs, its strength and its graceful form. Who can strip off its outer coat? Who can penetrate its double coat of armor? Who dares open the doors of its mouth, ringed about with fearsome teeth? Its back has rows of shields tightly sealed together; each is so close to the next that no air can pass between. They are joined fast to one another; they cling together and cannot be parted. Its snorting throws out flashes of light; its eyes are like the rays of dawn. Flames stream from its mouth; sparks of fire shoot out. Smoke pours from its nostrils as from a boiling pot over burning reeds. Its breath sets coals ablaze, and flames dart from its mouth. Strength resides in its neck; dismay goes before it. The folds of its flesh are tightly joined; they are firm and immovable.Its chest is hard as rock, hard as a lower millstone. When it rises up, the mighty are terrified; they retreat before its thrashing. The sword that reaches it has no effect, nor does the spear or the dart or the javelin. Iron it treats like straw and bronze like rotten wood.Arrows do not make it flee; slingstones are like chaff to it. A club seems to it but a piece of straw; it laughs at the rattling of the lance. Its undersides are jagged potsherds, leaving a trail in the mud like a threshing sledge. It makes the depths churn like a boiling cauldron and stirs up the sea like a pot of ointment. It leaves a glistening wake behind it; one would think the deep had white hair. Nothing on earth is its equal — a creature without fear. It looks down on all that are haughty; it is king over all that are proud.”

That’s some crazy sea monster, right? Now for some reason someone decided to use the word Leviathan to refer to a species of Mastodon, but there’s also the Leviathan melvillei, which was certainly large enough to put the fear of God into anyone. Discovered in 2008 in Peru, just the skull was 10 feet long and studded with nasty teeth measuring a full foot long. This super predator was estimated to be at least 50 feet long and could have easily carried out the great white shark attack, perhaps even swallowing the smaller creature whole.