Chemspay Could One Day Replace Painful Spaying Of Female Dogs

Dr. Loretta Mayer hopes to end the practice of spaying female dogs and she may be able to achieve that goal thanks to information that has been learned through menopause studies and field testing mice.

The Arizona scientist wants vets to begin using Chemspay to end the fertility of female dogs instead of performing often painful spay surgeries which can also put the dogs life in danger and is far more costly than the spray.

Mayer says she began taking her research more serious after she was asked to test the product on stray dogs at a Navajo reservation by director of the reservations animal shelter.

According to Dr. Mayer:

“He said to me, ‘If you could do for a dog what you do for a mouse, I wouldn’t have to kill 400 animals a month.’”

Approval is still years away, however Dr. Mayer is moving towards FDA testing at this time.