First Gay Couples Begin Marrying In New York City

James Johnson

At 12:01 a.m. gay right activists Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd became the very first same-sex couple to receive a legal marriage in New York City. The couple, who have been together for twelve years have 12 grandchildren between them and were pronounced legally married by Mayor Bloomberg right after the clock struck midnight. The wedding for the couple occurred exactly12 years after they started dating.

In New York City 823 couples will receive their marriage license on Sunday, while many others are expected to visit the city clerk's office to tie the knot, the office opened on Sunday to mark the special occasion.

In the wake of the gay marriage law, two homophobic town clerks have resigned over the new law, while the National Organization for Marriage is planning at least four protests today.

The first male couple to legally wed in New York City? Marcos A. Chaljub, 29, and Freddy L. Zambrano, 30 who wore matching outfits as they became a "legal" couple in the states eyes.