Credit Card Theft: Women Steals 101 Year Old Patients Credit

It takes a special kind of scumbag to steal a 101-year-old patient’s credit card and that scumbag is Adrienne Stagner, 28, who was arrested on Thursday night and charged with 31 counts of identity theft after she stole the credit card of the woman she was suppose to be caring for and spent $4,000.

Stagner told police that she bought gas for her friends (how nice of her), clothing for herself and some illegal drugs.

Among her purchases were methamphetamines and marijuana which were purchased by taking cash out at ATM’s using the credit cards cash advance option.

The theft was discovered by the victims grandson who reported the thievery to police at 2pm with an arrest occurring at 8pm. By the time Stagner was arrested she had used the card 19 times for cash advances in a one month period.

As police were investigating the crime Stagner showed up at work and tried to cover up her crime, telling them the card was somewhere in the home, before finally taking the card out of her backpack and handing it to officers just four hours after taking out yet another cash advance.

The illegal drugs were discovered when police using reasonable cause searched her backpack.

I’m filing this one under dumb criminals since police had no right to search her backpack on the spot before she came clean and even if she wanted to come clean, doing it in front of officers while carrying illegal drugs was just plain stupid on her behalf.