October 21, 2016
Newlyweds Crash Head-On In Separate Cars, Both Killed

A pair of newlyweds are dead after crashing into each other in a head-on car wreck. The couple worked at the same place and were in separate vehicles at the time.

The crash happened in Vernon, Texas on Wednesday morning at about 10 am. Newlyweds Cristina Munoz, 26, and Nicolas Cruz, 31, were driving opposite directions on County Road 87. It's believed they were driving between buildings at work at Mahard Pullet Farm. Munoz's 1999 Saturn veered across an unlined road and slammed into Cruz's 1990 Mazda pickup head-on -- killing them both.

Speaking with the Times Record News, police say speed and road layout caused the car crash. An investigation into the tragedy is ongoing. According to New York Daily News, Department of Public Safety Trooper Jymie Ha says the newly married couple from Chillicothe, Texas likely both drove to work because their work schedules varied.

First responders required special equipment in order to remove the dead bodies from their vehicles.

Ha adds that not only speed and layout of the road caused the the newlyweds to crash, but a hill crest was probably to blame as well. The hill may have hindered vision of oncoming traffic.

HNGN has more on what Trooper Ha says of the crash near Odell, Texas:

"This is a very narrow, blacktop county road and there are no markings. There are no shoulder markings and there are no center stripe markings."
Police say that Muoz and Cruz had their seat belts on when they hit each other head-on.

The couple were originally from Mexico before they moved to Texas. Munoz reportedly attended Prosper High School. She and Cruz were married April 2013.

Cristina Munoz and Nicolas Cruz leave behind three children without parents.

The Inquisitr reported on a similar tragedy involving the death of a newlywed when a woman made a BASE jump at Zion National Park in Utah. She and her husband were experienced hikers, but her parachute failed to operate while going down a 7,276-foot peak on Mount Kinesava. The 28-year-old died instantly after falling to her death.

Another report on The Inquisitr is about a bride in Georgia who was killed after she got into a fatal car crash. Another pair of newlyweds' lives were torn apart when the groom stopped to help someone stranded along the road when another car hit and killed him. He and his wife had just gotten married and were leaving their wedding reception.

[Image via Times Record News]