June 6, 2014
Virginia Navy Base On Lockdown After Stabbing [Breaking]

Virginia Navy base on lockdown after a stabbing. Security officers are searching for the suspect for the attack which occurred near the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth - in Portsmouth, Virginia.

The Navy base stabbing suspect is believed to be a white man, about 165 pounds, with blue eyes, and blonde hair. He was last seen wearing tan cargo pants.

The number of naval base stabbing victims in Virginia remains unknown. Navy staff and patients at the medical center in Portsmouth were instructed to shelter in place. "Code white, Code White, this is not a drill," an emergency alert issued immediately after the Virginia Navy base stabbing said. The Naval Medical Center Portsmouth stabbing occurred shortly after 9 am local time. SWAT is now on the scene hunting for the suspect.

Check back with The Inquisitr for more information about the Virginia Navy base stabbing as more details become available.