Lisa Rinna Channels Britney Spears On ‘Sing Your Face Off’

Britney Spears recently made an appearance of sorts on a new televised singing competition. However, it’s probably not what you’re expecting.

Instead of physically appearing on ABC’s strangely watchable Sing Your Face Off, Spears showed up in spirit. Lisa Rinna channeled Britney and her iconic schoolgirl look while performing a rendition of “Baby One More Time.” Yes, it’s as strange and surreal as one might expect from that description.

Here’s how the folks at Hitfix described the show. We couldn’t have provided a better description of the show if we tried:

“Celebs dress as famous pop stars and, I guess, mimic the featured vocalist in a performance of one of their big hits. Sebastian Bach performed as Adam Levine recently. Hooray! But better yet, Lisa Rinna performed as Britney Spears AND Dolly Parton, and both performances caused me to backflip through the ceiling. There I hang, still yet.”

While your own reaction to the series will certainly vary — seeing Rinna channel Britney Spears during her early days definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea — it’s definitely entertaining on one level or another. Check out the video if you’re at all curious, though don’t blame us if you can’t get the imagery out of your head.

Bonus clip: Rinna is Dolly Parton. No, we’re not making this up. If you thought her turn as Britney was strange, wait until you get a load of this.

Although most people would simply put on the Britney Spears schoolgirl outfit and do their thing, Lisa really tried to get inside the singer’s head for her performance on ABC’s summer series. She told People that channeling Spears was a bit more difficult than she had originally anticipated.

“I knew I just had to throw myself into it and cram like I was cramming for finals, really. I just went for it and I knew I would have to go hard or go home. This is the kind of thing where you can’t just dip your toe into the water. You have to dive in or you will crash and burn,” she explained.

The Britney Spears wannabe added, “She’s only 16 or 17 in the video. She’s a young girl in a school girl uniform. That’s what was the most challenging. She dances really suggestively in her school girl uniform, so to get in that head space while being a woman in her late 40s at the time was really challenging.”

What do you think about Lisa Rinna channeling Britney Spears on Sing Your Face Off?