Craigslist Ad: Soldier’s Ex Sold His Dog, Help This Serviceman Get ‘Baxster’ Back

A Craigslist ad in Colorado Springs, Colorado, tells a particularly heartbreaking story. But you can help make it right. Especially if you live around that area.

The ad was placed by Robert Gabbert, who is listed as the contact for replies. So we are assuming that Robert is the smiling serviceman pictured in the ad, and above. The story he tells proves that, as much as we’d like to think they do, not everyone supports the troops — even the people closest to them.

After all, there’s not a many things lower to do to a guy who’s currently deployed than to sell his dog while he’s away.

But that is the story told in the ad, which was placed earlier this week. If you want to help, click on this link to see the ad.

Craigslist ad
In case you can’t read the text in that graphic, here’s the story that the ad tells:

“I am currently deployed and my ex sold my dog. I just found out and i am trying to find the people (person) who bought him. I will pay anything to get him back. His name is Baxster and he is a Shiba Inu. I do not have my phone with me. You can email me. The phone number is my mom’s. She is helping me locate him. If you have any information PLEASE give us a call or an email.”

Here’s another picture of the very adorable Baxster.

Craigslist ad dog

While Gabbert offers to “pay anything” to get Baxster back, here’s hoping that he doesn’t have to pay anything and that whoever bought the dog — unwittingly, we assume — would do the right thing and return the little guy to his rightful human companion.

We’d also hope that the “ex” would think better of it and return the money to whoever bought the dog. Whatever happens in a relationship, let’s keep the pets out of it. Okay?

We’ll be keeping an eye on the situation for any updates on the story of the soldier and his missing dog.