Florida Man Paints Huge American Flag On His Home After Several Fines From The City

A man in Bradenton, Florida, decided to paint an American flag on his home after the city fined him for several things as part of their “code enforcement.” Brent Greer and his wife were first fined back in February for still having their Christmas tree up. The fines sort of kept on coming and although the Greers have filed disputes with the city, they haven’t had much luck.

Recently, they decided to take matters into their own hands — the best way that they could think of. According to AOL, the Greers painted their house — since they were told it needed to be painted anyway — in red, white, and blue.

Brent Greer said:

“It blows my mind that this is taking place in the city of Bradenton. Just because somebody drives by and decides they don’t like the look of my house? I thought this was the best way to remind people that this is still America.”

Some of the issues that the city cited include missing window screens, broken windows and loose railings. The couple has also been cited for having trash on their property and for having children’s toys “strewn across the yard.”

While these code regulations aren’t uncommon in many Florida neighborhoods, Greer does not live in an area that is deed-restricted. There isn’t a homeowners association, so the Greers are not sure why the city is making such a huge deal about his property in particular.

Greer wonders why he is being singled out when there are abandoned properties in the area that clearly need attention. And since he didn’t get very far, he decided to take things to another level.

According to Bradenton.com:

“He and two of his children opened cans of red, white, and blue paint and commenced to turn the front of his home into an American flag.”

The Greers are being fined $250 a day for the aforementioned issues. It’s unknown if more fines ensued after the American flag was painted on the home.

This isn’t the first story about people taking matters into their own hands this week, either. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a father in New Jersey decided to make a warning sign to speeding drivers in his neighborhood.

The controversial sign had a gun at the bottom and threatened anyone who might hit a child while racing down the street. The sign had to be taken down because of complaints, but his antics went viral on the internet on Wednesday.

Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2014/06/04/5186832/bradenton-homeowner-sends-signal.html?sp=/99/179/#storylink=cpy