NYC Stabber Charged With Murder

27-year-old Daniel Hubert was arrested Wednesday night after he was identified as the NYC stabber. Hubert killed a 6-year-old boy and critically wounded a 7-year-old girl in a Brooklyn elevator. He is also being investigated for the stabbing of 18-year-old Tanaya Copeland on Friday.

The NYC stabber is currently being charged with murder, attempted murder, assault, and other charges, which will be determined later. Hubert was first detained for public urination, but after proper identification, NYC police identified him as the suspect. “I didn’t know it was illegal,” Hubert reportedly told them about relieving himself in public.

Hubert put up a fight when he was being detained, several witnesses said. He was finally cuffed and shoved into a police van to be brought back for questioning and a mental evaluation. “Today is a day everybody worked in tandem,” leader of National Action Network Tony Herbert said. “If not for this partnership, we’d still be out looking for this madman.”

The NYC stabber was armed with an 8-10 inch steak knife, similar to the weapon used in the elevator attacks. All stabbings that fit the description of Hubert’s crime are also being investigated to see if Hubert is connected. “We believe he committed the stabbing,” NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis said. “He’s certainly a prime suspect in that.”

The father of Joshua Avitto, the 6-year-old boy who was fatally stabbed, said Thursday that if he saw Hubert, he’d ask him, “What made you do this to a little baby?” Avitto’s father continued, “I’m at a loss for words. The bottom line is he got out and this tragedy took place after he was released from jail.”

Other families expressed their anger towards the NYC stabber too. “I want to see justice be served,” 42-year-old Aricka McClinton said. “He may be in jail, but my baby can’t come back. I’m going to be there with bells on.”

Police say that Hubert was angrily ranting to himself in his holding cell. “It wasn’t immediately clear what he was ranting about or if he had a history of mental illness,” Davis said. However, records show that the NYC stabber was found unfit for trial three times in his past. He will undergo another psychiatric evaluation before proceeding to trial.

Hubert’s attorney has not commented on the situation yet. The NYC stabber will most likely be facing serious prison time for his stabbings.