Kellie Pickler Goes The Extra Mile To Help Recently Divorced Pal Katharine McPhee

Kellie Pickler was more than just a shoulder to cry on when friend Katharine McPhee split with her husband.

The country music star dropped everything and headed to Mexico with McPhee, who had just announced days before that she had filed for divorce. McPhee posted evidence of the Mexican getaway, showing a picture showing the two women posing in a cabana.

At the time of her split, a source told E! News that McPhee “is in a really good place right now.”

It has been a difficult year for McPhee, who was photographed in the fall kissing her Smash director Michael Morris. The two were seen engaging in some PDA after grabbing lunch at a Hollywood hot spot, leading to speculation that McPhee and husband Nick Cokas were already split.

To support her pal, Kellie Pickler decided a trip to Mexico would be the best way to get away from it all.

But we’ve already known that Kellie Pickler will go the extra mile when it comes to helping others. Back in December she traveled halfway around the world to to visit American service members in southern Afghanistan for Christmas.

Pickler told the troops she was appreciative of the dangerous work they were doing.

“If I were an Afghan woman, I would hope someone would help me provide a better life for me and my children,” she said.

Kellie’s visit was quite popular with the service members stationed there.

“She told me I had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen,” Cpl. Clay Beyersdorfer said.

In all, it sounds like Kellie would make an awesome friend. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone about her favorite spots to hang out in Nashville, Pickler said she loves hosting groups at her house for a bit of singing and down-home Southern hospitality.

“My husband [Kyle Jacobs] is a songwriter and producer and we invite our artist and songwriter friends over for what we call the ‘Redneck Supper Club Party.’ We grill out, and we have a screened-in porch by the pool where we will sit and jam,” Kellie Pickler said. “It’s funny because we’re right in Nashville and we’re the ones with bonfires, the ones breaking the law. We’re those people.”