Brutal Attack On Refugee For $60 Caught On Video, Nets Thug 9 Years In Jail

An Australian man will now serve up to nine years in prison for his brutal assault on an Eritrean refugee in a train station last October. Among the most damning evidence presented in the trial: a CCTV video showing the unprovoked assault, which continued as the victim struggled to escape. The video, we must warn you, is shocking.

Timothy Williams, from Illawara, NSW, can be seen in the video repeatedly striking his unnamed victim. According to The Daily Mail, the victim is a refugee from Eritrea and had only been in Australia a few days prior to the assault.

The video shows Williams calling the victim over to him and then demanding cash. The victim, apparently not understanding Williams’ demands, does not respond, and Williams knocks him to the ground with one blow. The assault reportedly required stitches for the victim’s left ear, and the victim also lost a tooth, but Williams continued pummeling his target, even as he begged for mercy.

An acquaintance of Williams, Jaimee Lee Haynes, can be seen hanging around, apparently acting as lookout as the assault continues.

Commenting on the footage, Judge Paul Conlon called it a reliable account of the assault.

“A viewing of this footage is all that is needed to make an accurate assessment,” the judge said.

Before they walk away together off frame, Williams and Haynes can be seen going through the refugee’s belongings after he has fled.

Williams will not be eligible for parole until 2019. Haynes will be sentenced on Friday.

Their haul from the brutal assault: about $60 and a set of headphones.