Yesterday’s heat wave in Boston matches previous temperature record

Boston, along with most of the east coast, was hit with an extreme heat wave yesterday with many reports of fainting and dehydration coming in from all over Massachusetts.

Unsurprisingly, yesterday’s nasty temperature in Boston, recorded at a high of 103, matched the previous high for July 22 set way back in 1926.

Despite the excruciating heat, there weren’t any serious heat-related injuries reported yesterday. Massachusetts General Hospital spokesman Ryan Donovan told The Boston Globe:

“It hasn’t been bad here today for such a hot day. We had just under 10 cases of fainting, dehydration, or other heat-related issues. We’re thinking people took advice to stay indoors.”

Fortunately for those suffering from the intense heat, relief is on the way. Today’s highs are expected to stick around the upper 90s, but temperatures are expected to drop into the 80s come tomorrow and throughout next week.

Boston wasn’t the only area to be hit by record heat. Over in Baltimore, Maryland, temperatures got up to a sorching 106 degrees, knocking out the previous record temperature of 102 degrees.