WWE News: What WWE Offered Sting To Sign Him, Does It Show Respect Or Disrespect?

It seems that WWE may once again be shooting themselves in the foot when trying to sign wrestling legend Sting.

WWE has attempted to sign The Icon for years now. Sadly, Sting decided to stay with TNA. Even dating back to the WCW days, there was talk. When WCW folded in 2001, WWE really began talks with Sting to see about him coming in. Sting declined, and the legend has grown for Sting, in that he is the only major name ever in the wrestling business never to work for a McMahon at some point.

Sting was close the last 3 years, in separate occasions, to signing with WWE; in fact, he was close to doing it last year but opted to once again stay with TNA. It seemed that Sting felt very loyal to Dixie Carter and he knew he still had so much he could give, so he decided to sign a new deal in 2013.

Now however, several major names have left TNA, including it’s founder Jeff Jarrett. AJ Styles, the man who could be seen as one of the cornerstones of the company, left as well. Several TNA Originals have departed and there are some like Kurt Angle who are considering the idea of leaving too.

All of that being said, it would be the perfect time for Sting to jump to the WWE. The issue facing WWE and Sting is that Sting is no longer able to wrestle as often as he used to. While it’s seen as academic that he’ll pass medical tests to wrestle for WWE, he will certainly not be a major day-to-day performer.

WWE has already used Sting for Network projects and DVDs, but it now all comes down to if they can sign him to a long-term deal, not just a one-year deal he’s used to being part of. Obviously though, WWE would not use him as much as TNA would. This is good and bad for Sting, as he’d get to perform and be part of a lot with WWE, but wouldn’t be on RAW and SmackDown every week.


Many have wanted to know what WWE offered Sting to sign him. Word has it, they offered a simple $10,000 Legends deal.

You read that right, $10,000.

The awkward part is that negotiations were going very well between the two. WWE seemed to have Sting all ready to sign, then offered him a load of crap that even TNA could beat.

The one thing that is not discussed is the merchandise and DVD projects. Obviously, Sting would get a percentage for it, unspecified right now of course. So that $10,000 would certainly go up.

Also, it’s a Legends deal, which means they just pay the person to be part of the company and use him for random events they might need a big name for. This often times does not include any wrestling or agent/producer stuff. So if Sting did any of that, especially TV or PPV, he may get more for it.

Obviously negotiations with WWE will always start with them saving money and getting the better end of the deal, so naturally they are going to go lower to begin with and then go higher to match somewhere close to what talent wants. Sadly for Sting, he is not in the position a day-to-day performer is in, so he cannot ask for the type of money a John Cena or Randy Orton gets, nor would he.

I’m sure if he got a guaranteed sum that was around $80-90,000 a year plus merch, he might have more of an interest. That is plenty for a man of his particular position. WWE will obviously still make more off of him than they are going to give him. Imagine the ratings and money the likes of Sting could bring in. Word is that WWE does not want to offer Sting too much because they do not know how their fan-base will take to him or if they’ll even know him.

While the older fans know of him, he still has the Bruno effect.

When Bruno Sammartino came back to the WWE, he was away from the wrestling world for years. He came on RAW to a massive ovation in Atlanta. Bruno was puzzled by it, saying that the people in Atlanta didn’t know him much in his territory days. With the gift of the internet and things that have passed on in families, people know of Bruno. The same can be said for Sting. Plus, Sting has been active in TNA for the last decade. So it’s not like people have no idea what he is doing and if he is in shape or able to look good for a WWE run.

We will have to see what the WWE does, the hope for fans it that they do not mess it up. Several fans want to see Sting in WWE finally, and if it comes down to WWE messing it up, that would disappoint a lot of people.

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