Dolly Parton Says Success Is ‘Physically And Emotionally’ Difficult

Dolly Parton has enjoyed an enormous amount success throughout her career. However, the country music star definitely had to work hard to get where she is today.

Although Parton might make things look ridiculous easy, she recently explained that attaining a high level of success in the entertainment business requires quite a bit of hard work and dedication. In fact, Dolly often felt completely exhausted while making a name for herself in country music.

During a chat with Uncut magazine, Dolly Parton said that she’s exceptionally “blessed” to have such a fantastic career. However, the 68-year-old country legend reached this level by donating plenty of blood, sweat, and tears.

“I’ve dreamed myself into a corner, so I have to be responsible for all of the things I’ve dreamed and seen come true. I’ve been blessed that my dreams have come true. But there’s a bit responsibility. It’s wearing,” Parton told the publication.

She continued, “Sometimes you just physically and emotionally can’t hardly keep up. You can’t say no exactly. It is how it is and even when you’re sick you can’t take the time to be sick, you have to plan around that. You have to manuever.”

While it’s doubtful that Dolly Parton has any genuine regrets about her career, she’s apparently still hoping to land a movie role that will give her a chance to flex her acting abilities a bit. She told Express that playing a “serious” character on the big screen is still on her bucket list.

“I would someday love to find a really great role in a movie. One where I didn’t have the nails, wear high heels, the make-up. I would love to play a part that was worth tearing all that stuff up for,” she explained.

Dolly added, “Something really, really good where I could really show that I could be a good actress. Most of the roles I play now are pretty much a version of my real self, but I think I could do some really serious acting with a great director.”

While she’s waiting for the right role to come along, Dolly Parton is busy putting together a biopic about her life. Before the movie hits theaters at some point down the road, there’s a chance her story will arrive on the stage as a musical. However, both projects are reportedly still in the early stages of development.

[Image via CBS Local]