Toddler In Brazil Seen Dangling From Fifth-Floor Balcony [Video]

A toddler in Brazil was spotted dangling from the fifth floor of a building, horrifying local residents. Crowds of people gathered below the building in horror, filming and taking photos of the scene as the toddler clung on the balcony for his life.

Brazilian website Midia Con News reported that the terrifying incident happened in Vila Velha, a coastal town in Espirito Santo, Brazil. The child’s plight was discovered when a waiter across the road saw the toddler holding onto the balcony.

Watch the video below:

Witnesses believe that the toddler may have climbed a chair leaning against the balcony, allowing him to climb over and get stuck outside. Waiter Wagner Nascimento Gomes said:

“It was a desperation… Customers started crying at the sight”

“I thought nothing of it and ran to help.”

In the video above, the toddler could be seen barely clinging on the rails of the balcony as dozens of spectators screamed in fear below. Residents of the same building were seen looking up the balcony while a man stood exactly below where the toddler dangled, presumably preparing himself for the worse.

Near the end of the video, a man could be seen swiftly taking the toddler from the balcony, leading the relieved crowd below to applaud the end of the heart-stopping incident. According to Nine MSN, the rescuer’s name is Bruno Teixeira, who confirmed that the toddler’s mother was asleep during the whole ordeal.


When asked about his heroic rescue, Teixeira said:

“When we saw the boy hanging we ran without looking…”

“When we arrived at the apartment the room door was open and the balcony was closed. (The child’s) mother was asleep. She should be more responsible with son’s life.”

The toddler didn’t sustain any injuries, according to reports. Police in Brazil are currently investigating the incident.

Netizens were enraged by the event. Most blamed the mother and her apparent disregard for her child’s safety. People took to social media and forums their anger over the incident. On the Daily Mail comment section, Saphira from UK wrote:

“If that mother was more sensible she wouldn’t have gone to sleep without somebody supervising the toddler. Even more, if she had to sleep, she should at least of closed the door to the balcony! It’s common sense!”

AngiePop wrote:

“The mother should have been watching her son. Fancy having a kip and leaving a small child to its own devices. If the boy had fallen, she would have been entirely responsible. I am glad the child is safe.”

What do you think? Was it the mother’s fault her toddler was stuck on the balcony?