2011 Washington Nationals mid season review

With a 48-50 record, the Washington Nationals find themselves in fourth place in the National League East. They are there largely in part to a 14-21 record against their four divisional opponents and an 8-7 record in interleague play. Their biggest deficit in the divisional race was very recently when they were a full 13.5 out of first place. They have also suffered through an 8 game losing streak, and this team is still in pretty bad shape. Their manger quit, after the front office would not give him a new deal and things still look down for this team.

The Nationals offense has scored 379 runs on 774 hits. That hit total is lowest among the 16 NL clubs. As a team, they are hitting .236 and that is the second worst team BA in the senior circuit. Nationals hitters have struck out a second highest in their league 784 times, and drawn 299 walks. They have hit 90 home runs, and that is in the top half of team stats for their league. This looks to be a team that needs a better approach at the plate, and the fault for that may reside in the coaching staff.

The pitching staff has given up 388 runs on 853 hits. The staff ERA is 3.63. That is the sixth best ERA in their league, and this pitching staff does not look as bad as their offense. Of course, they have struck out the third fewest hitters, but have walked just 298 hitters. They have also only given up just 76 home runs. Those numbers suggest that this staff can challenge hitters, but the defense behind them may not be up to par.

In the end, this is not a terrible club, and the pitching staff has shown a little promise. Beyond their closer they could use some bullpen help, but hey who could not.

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