The N-Word: Racist Stripper Janelle Ambrosia Does Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Dog-piling on people whose racist rants have been caught on tape is almost undeniably the new American pastime: more righteous than sitting around watching football, more exciting than baseball. And now we’ve got a new pariah: Janelle Ambrosia, the racist stripper who insists that the N-Word isn’t a racist term.

Proving that there is such a thing as bad publicity, Janelle Ambrosia – and, if that isn’t her stripper name, it should be – shot to internet stardom on Wednesday after video emerged on Reddit of her incredible tirade against an African-American man. The man says that he set Janelle off by scaring her kid while merely starting his car. Ambrosia says that the man nearly hit her and her children, prompting her rage. The video, it should go without saying, is decidedly NSFW:

Well, that was fun. Glad the kids were able to see mom in top form. Also, can we just give a big shout out to the black dude at about the two-minute mark? This paragon of traditional American values was not expecting Ambrosia’s tantrum when he rolled into the Dollar General to pick up 3-for-1 two-liters of RC Cola, but did he get involved? No. Whip out his smartphone and start recording? No. He listened just long enough to hear Janelle call the videographer a slur, said to himself “Nah, I’ve got a Game of Thrones binge to get back to,” and kept it moving. Bravo, sir.

Now, when Ambrosia yells at the camera “I called you a n****r! You’re a n****r! Nasty f*****g n****r,” you might be inclined to think she’s a racist. You’d be wrong, though, as Janelle helpfully explained in a later interview:

Speaking with 93.7 WBLK, Janelle the etymologist shared the real definition and history of one of the most hurtful, versatile, and rapper-friendly words in the English language.

“N****r,” Janelle explained, “means ‘an ignorant person.’ It has nothing to do with race.”

To which we can only say:

In later interviews, though, Janelle seemed to at least acknowledge that she might have said something offensive to the man who taped the encounter. She stopped short of apologizing, though, saying that she would only do so if he took down the video showing Ambrosia in the middle of her rant. Because she’s got kids, and her kids are in the video, and there are pedophiles out there. No, really, this was her reasoning.

In her defense, the leap from anonymous racist stripper to Wednesday’s Internet Punching Bag happened so fast that Ambrosia may still be trying to catch her bearings. The video of Janelle going The Full Michael Richards just hit the net yesterday, and it’s got more than a million views already. There’s even a parody Janelle Ambrosia Twitter account already, and the fake Janelle already has 2,109 followers.

The real Janelle, though, is probably wishing she had fewer followers right about now. She believes the videotaped tantrum could cost her her kids, as her ex is supposedly already using the footage against her in court. That’s life in Barack Obama’s post-racial America nowadays, though. Hopefully, the mess will clear up just as quickly as it started; that way Janelle can get back to the pole and we can all go back to burning effigies of Donald Sterling and Justin Bieber.