Baby Goat Gives It All It’s Got In Cutest Video You’ll See All Day

Sometimes, you get pushed to the limit, and you’ve got to reach deep down inside of you and bring out something extra. That’s what this adorable little goat did in the cutest six seconds you’ll see today.

The video comes courtesy of YouTube user madebysam, and it’s offered up with no context because it needs none. Man tries to coax loud bleat from baby goat; baby goat lets slip an utterance that shines a beam of light into your jaded soul for just a second. It is all that is right with the world.

Or it could be part of a continuing effort by a shadowy goat cabal to rehabilitate their image in light of the recent revelation that goats can open doors. Clever kids.

Even if it’s an oh-so-clever ruse, we can’t get enough of cute goat videos of late. The weird-eyed little buggers have hopped and head-butted and bleated their ways into our hearts, and they appear to be there to stay.