‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Are Derek And Meredith Breaking Up?

When Grey’s Anatomy came to a close this season a lot of things were left unresolved. In fact, the only person who had some sort of resolution was Dr. Cristina Yang, mostly because her story came to a close as she left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for a more fulfilling career at Dr. Burke’s facility in Zurich.

In her wake she left her love to hate colleague Alex Karev her share of the hospital, which will prove problematic now that Dr. Bailey was promised her spot by former chief Dr. Webber. In addition, Cristina gave “her person” and best friend Meredith advice to not let her husband and fellow surgeon Derek Shepherd compromise her career.

Up until the last scene between Meredith and Cristina, Meredith was all set in following her husband Derek to D.C. so he could work with the President on a research project. It was a big step for Meredith who has been fighting to find a balance in her career and personal life. This season her storyline revolved around her trying to not compromise herself as a surgeon or a mother while trying to keep up with her colleagues.

In fact, for a good majority of this season on Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Cristina were at odds over the suggestion that Meredith’s role as a mother made her take a backseat professionally. Although she didn’t want to admit her priorities were switching, this was something she seemed to begrudgingly embrace towards the later half of the series as Derek became more involved with the White House.

When Cristina finally gave in and told Meredith that she was a brilliant surgeon it set a light bulb off in her head, and resulted in Meredith telling Derek that she couldn’t go to Washington with him. Instead of wrapping everything up in a neat bow, Derek and Meredith are shown in their dream house fighting with each other and coming to no resolution.

It’s now rumored the resolution for the Grey’s Anatomy couple may come in the form of a fizzling out in the romance department for Derek and Meredith. TV Line hinted that while a breakup may not be in the cards, their future won’t be too pretty.

“A Mer-Der break-up seems unlikely, but there has been unconfirmed buzz that the duo are about to face one of their more challenging seasons in recent memory, which makes the timing of Cristina’s exit horrible for Mer.”

Next season will mark the 11th season for the doctors at Seattle. As previously reported Season 11 will include Justin Chambers, Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Chandra Wilson, Sara Ramirez, and James Pickens Jr.

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