12 Red Flags Of The Worst Jobs In The World

Even the worst jobs might sound like good ones considering the sky-high stats of unemployment and underemployment the last few years. Gallup notes that the combined rate is currently 23.4 percent, and most experts agree that it would be higher, except millions have dropped out of the job market altogether and are thus not counted on the rolls. Even so, the folks at Reddit recently shared their thoughts on some of the worst jobs out there, and you’d be well-advised to listen. If the job you’re applying for sounds anything like this, avoid it at all costs:

watsakerring: “Anywhere that advertises what you COULD earn instead of what you WILL earn. They’re going to use you up and spit you out.”

DeOmen: “The ones where they say ‘marketing trainee’ in the job listings. It’s codeword for sales person.”

Apolitef***you: “When you continuously see the job advertised you know it’s bad. I don’t know how employers don’t see the issue and make it a better job. I mean one more break in the day goes a huge way to making a [expletive] job tolerable.”

TriniTornado: “When the interviewer complains about their current staff, it’s a concern to me. If someone is going to air their dirty laundry when you first meet them, they are almost certainly a drama-queen manager.”

cryptokiller: “If you have to use a punch card, if they count the minutes of your breaks/lunch, etc. … I once worked for an IT services company that tracked every minute of every day and required that every minute I worked was billable to a customer. So if I had to take a [expletive], I had to find a way to bill it to a customer, or make sure I went during my lunch period. Companies that are abusive of your time are hell holes.”

TheCoachMcGuirk: “I had an interview at an Outback in college once. About halfway through the interview, the interviewer (who owned and operated that location right by a busy highway and mall) says, ‘Now you realize that once you have this job, I own you. You can’t take multiple days off to see family, you can’t take ANY holidays off, and you can’t go out of town.’ That sounded like slavery to me, so I got up and walked out. Two of my friends now work there and that guy was dead … serious about owning his employees.”

port0: “You can be your own boss.”

SnakesAreSmarter: “Unpaid training and/or you have to buy uniforms form them up front.”

justamemejunky: “random buzzwords and extrapolant [sic] phrases like ‘unique opportunity,’ ‘looking for a rockstar,’ etc. is always a red flag for me.”

kengou: “In one of my own experiences, when the hiring person or orientation person spends a lot of time trying to sell YOU on the job.”

King_elessar: “If they call you back in 15 minutes after applying …”

Captain_C***smith: “The phrase ‘We wear a lot of hats’ gets used. That just means the job is not defined and you will have no direction or ability to say no. They will try to get the most out of you before you decide to quit.”

And last but not least, The Inquisitr would like to share one of our own, and we’ve got the study to prove it: newspaper reporter.

(As a former one, I wholeheartedly agree.)

How about you, readers? What are some of the red flags you’ve experienced that indicate you’re applying for one of the worst jobs possible? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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