Kendra Wilkinson Baby: Kendra And Hank Share First Photo Of Baby Alijah

Kendra Wilkinson shared the first photo of her baby girl, Alijah. The reality star posed for photos with her husband, Hank Baskett, and the couple’s son, Hank. Baby Alijah was in a white polka dot onesie and a white hair bow complete with a sizable flower on her head. According to Us Weekly, Kendra and Hank don’t plan on having any more children. The couple is overjoyed with their new addition but they are still adjusting to having two children in the house.

“Wilkinson, 29, welcomed her second child on May 16 at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai hospital. She and her ex-NFL pro hubby, 31, have been busy ever since adjusting to life with two kids—which hasn’t been without obstacles.”

Kendra Wilkinson’s baby was born on May 16. Big brother Hank was super excited to learn that he was going to get a sibling and when she was born, baby Hank held his little sister first.

Kendra explained:

“He was the first one to hold her. It was so emotional—I bawled, Big Hank bawled!”

According to Wetpaint, baby Hank was jealous for a period of time when baby Alijah first came home but he has adjusted well. There was a period of time where Kendra and Hank spoiled little Hank, but they have since been able to curb his bad feelings and now he is much better at sharing the spotlight and being a big brother. As most parents know, it is a serious adjustment when new babies come home, but everyone gets where they need to be eventually.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kendra had a somewhat difficult third trimester. She suffered from hypothyroidism and she described herself as “round, tired, grouchy, smelly, and horny.” Even still, Kendra wouldn’t change things. The couple wanted to have two children and they are blessed to have healthy kids. During this pregnancy, however, Kendra stayed active which is a good thing. She already looks great just three weeks after giving birth and the rest of her pregnancy weight will likely come off if she continues to exercise.

In other Kendra Wilkinson baby news, the former Playboy bunny has been having some issues with her mom. Apparently the two have a very strained relationship.

Perez Hilton caught up with Kendra’s mom, Patti, who said:

“We’ve had a very strained relationship for the last four or five years. On the phone that day in October she did tell me she hated me, she called me all kinds of names. She ended it with ‘I hope you die.’ I wouldn’t tell my worst enemy I hope you die. Much less your mother.”

Hopefully Kendra and her mom can work this out.

In the mean time, check out the first photo of baby Alijah here.

[Photo courtesy of Kendra Wilkinson / Twitter]