‘Buckle Up Y’All, It’s The Law’: Tennessee Traffic Signs Go Redneck For Safety

Many Tennessee traffic signs are now apparently displaying the message “Buckle Up Y’All, It’s The Law,” but now this safety message has started to spread via Facebook and Twitter.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Boston police were trying to get drivers to follow the law in regards to turning signals. Massachusetts police had issued about 5,000 tickets to motorist who don’t follow state law so they came up with a humorous traffic sign which read: “Use yah blinkah.”

According to some social posts, T-DOT has recently been adding a bit of folksy flavor to its road signs across the state of Tennessee and not in just one area. This new highway traffic sign is probably part of their Click It Or Ticket campaign that attempts to draw attention to these startling statistics:

“More than 60% of vehicle occupants killed in crashes in Tennessee were not wearing safety belts. Research shows it is almost nine times safer to wear your safety belt. Unrestrained children are 4.2 times more likely to die in a crash than restrained children. Less than 1% of children properly restrained were killed.”

Although nothing official has been said there is large number of people on Twitter who have noticed the new “Buckle up y’all” signs:

Now, Tennessee is not the first state I have heard about of to add this particular type of southern flavor to their road signs. I have actually seen “Buckle up y’all, it’s the law” in large cities down in Florida. But these type of warnings tended to be localized and limited to portable signs on the side of the road set up by local police. The reports we are hearing make it sound like Tennessee’s new road signs are spread out all over the state and are upping the ante by using the fixed electronic signs that are over major highways.