Mariachi Band Senior Prank: Santa Barbara High School Students Hire Musicians To Follow Principal Around

Seniors at the school decided to hire a mariachi band to follow principal John Becchio around at the start of the school day. As soon as Becchio walked in the door at 7:30 am, the four musicians were ready and trailed him everywhere, playing traditional Mexican songs.

The mariachi band senior prank earned laughs from students and faculty, and apparently even got a nod from the school district itself. The district’s communications coordinator, Barbara Keyani, took a video of the prank and put it on the district’s official website.

The video shows Becchio as he walked down the school’s hallway, appearing to conduct school business with the four mariachi members trailing behind in traditional Mexican garb.

Within a day the video had close to 25,000 views, and was also getting some nationwide attention.

On Wednesday the prank was featured on the Today show, which noted that the Santa Barbara students aren’t the first to employ a mariachi band for the senior prank. Seniors at West Linn High School in Oregon pulled off the same stunt last year, pulling together 90 seniors to chip in for a mariachi band to follow their principal Lou Bailey for three hours.

Students at Wauwatosa West High School also opted for the mariachi band senior prank last year, earning their school some national attention as well as spawning a hilarious video of the members singing “La Bamba” before an excited group of students and faculty.