National Junk Food Day, How Did You Celebrate? [Videos]

Out of all the things the internet has brought us, food porn is high up on the list of improvements to humanity.

Concepts like Epic Meal Time have become part of pop culture, and a growing number of people on the web are seeking to one up one another with increasingly naughty recipes and food combos. In fact, with the way some internet communities go on, it’s like every day is National Junk Food Day- but there actual is a designated holiday for baconalia.

Yesterday (July 21st) was National Junk Food Day in America, so if you’ve come in here looking for an excuse to deviate from your low-carb plan, you’re a day late and a dollar short, pal. But thanks to the internet, you can live vicariously through your lasagne deep-frying, Cadbury Creme Egg augmenting, McGangBang inventing internet companions.

Below are some marvels of junk food engineering in honor of National Junk Food Day yesterday. In the comments- what was your most epic, shameful, ambitious or inspired junk food creation?