Man Hunted For Instigating Kindergarten Fight

Cincinnati police are looking for 33-year-old Raymond Walker, who allegedly started a kindergarten fight at Mount Healthy North Elementary School’s graduation during on Monday.

Walker instigated a brawl with one of his neighbors, Dominique Garrett, at 11:30 A.M. at the elementary school. “The assault did induce panic during the assembly, causing several in attendance to be pushed,” Springfield Township police wrote in a sworn statement filed in Hamilton County Municipal Court. “The school was placed on lockdown and then eventually evacuated.”

A kindergarten fight during graduation isn’t exactly a day-to-day event. “It’s unusual,” said Springfield Township Police Lieutenant Brian Uhl. “These things typically don’t break out at kindergarten graduations, but obviously there was some issue between the two. It’s just unfortunate it had to take place there.”

Walker is currently being charged with assault and igniting panic for the kindergarten fight. No arrests were made at the time, and police are still looking for Walker. Walker’s instigation led to the involvement of 20 others in the elementary school’s cafeteria where the kindergartners had just graduated.

This incident is not Walker’s first brush with the law. He served nine months for attempting to avoid police capture, but was released in June 2004. Also, he ran a stop sign in April 2003 and hit a tree.

Superintendent Lori Handler expressed her utmost surprise upon hearing the news of the kindergarten fight. “People never cease to amaze me,” Handler said. “It was a beautiful ceremony, with grandparents, parents, and the 5-year-olds. Then, out of the blue, the man hit another man in the face. I was absolutely shocked.”

“It was very unnerving for my 5-year-olds to witness something like that,” Handler continued. “It’s so sad that adults can’t control themselves in a joyous situation.” Handler says that they will be prosecuting Walker to the fullest extent possible for instigating the kindergarten fight so that a message is sent: behavior such as Walker’s will not be tolerated.

Parents also expressed their concern over the kindergarten fight. “It was horrible,” parent Kim Calai told WCPO-TV. “I’m standing there, and all of a sudden, this rush of people throwing punches is coming at me. To have something like that happen at a graduation is pretty pathetic.”

This is not the first time that a kindergarten fight has taken place during graduation. Just last year, another incident took place between two teenagers at Michael R. White Elementary School. The school also went into lockdown and police rushed to the scene.

[Image via The Cincinnati Enquirer]