Jim Kelly Gets Emotional Visit From Former Rival Dan Marino

Jim Kelly spent his entire career as the rival to the Miami Dolphins, but this weekend the quarterback fighting cancer put aside old rivalries for a visit from fellow signal caller Dan Marino.

Kelly was at Erie County Medical Center, where he received his last round of radiation treatment for a recurrence of jaw cancer, when he got a visit from his former rival. The moment was captured on video, showing a touching embrace between Jim Kelly and Dan Marino.

The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins were bitter AFC East rivals in the late 1980s and early 1990s, though Kelly and the Bills always bested the Dolphins in the playoffs and prevented them from reaching the Super Bowl. After their playing careers ended, Kelly and Marino stayed in touch and have grown closer during Kelly’s bout with cancer.

The visit this weekend was actually the second for Marino, who also visited Kelly in April.