Child Kidnapper Tries To Abduct A Little Girl With A Karate Black Belt, The Massacre Was Caught On Video

When an apparent child kidnapper tries to abduct a little girl from an elevator, he made the mistake of picking on a karate girl with a black belt. The amazing part is that the whole incident was caught on video!

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when a father was teaching his daughter how to ride a bike, a neighbor pulled out a shotgun for one crazy reason.

The karate girl video shows her walking into an elevator, alone and standing by the buttons panel, waiting. The elevator stops and the alleged kidnapper boards only to lurk in the opposite corner without pressing a button. Unfortunately, there’s no audio to the button so we do not know if anything is being said, although it appears the girl may have asked what floor he wanted based upon the turning of her head. Of course, she may have also noticed how much a of creeper he’s being.

In any case, when the doors open, the man tries to run forward while also grabbing her shoulder. But the karate girl responded by twisting his arm and then bringing him to the ground, which seemed more like MMA-style jiu jitsu than karate (but I’m certainly no expert). She proceeded to beat the kidnapper repeatedly until the elevator stopped again and the man sprung for the door, at which point she yanked him back in for more punishment. The man eventually is able to free himself from her grasp and run, but she chases after him down the hallway.

Of course not, not everyone believes the karate girl video is real, and it’s possible the video was created as an example of self defense. According to MadWorldNews:

“Some people think the video is staged and the man in the video may be an instructor or her dad. Some people think it is authentic and that the little girl gives the would be attacker the one thing he didn’t expect in a pint sized Ms. Bruce Lee. Either way, it is funny enough to give everyone a morning chuckle and keep them smiling the rest of the day.”

What do you think; is the little karate girl really beating the heck out of a child kidnapper, or is it staged?