Haley Joel Osment All Grown Up, Smoking Pot On Friend’s Web Series

Haley Joel Osment is the adorable little child actor no more.

The 26-year-old actor showed up as a guest star on the second season of the web series, Next Time on Lonny, which was created by his college friend, Alex Anfanger. On his appearance, Osment and the character Lonny (played by Anfanger) pass a joint as they muse about the state of society.

“The comedy comes from these little scenes going into completely unexpected directions,” Osment said of his appearance on the show. “It just turns into this hilariously overblown catastrophe.”

Haley Joel Osment added that he’s been a fan of Next Time on Lonny since its debut, and relished the chance to make an appearance.

“When I heard they were doing a second season, I called Alex and told him he’d be in trouble if he didn’t let me tag along on one episode because I’m such a big fan,” Osment told Entertainment Weekly.

The show is doing quite well, attracting guest stars like comedian Patton Oswalt and Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott. The show’s production company also just partnered with Maker Studios, the YouTube station recently purchased by Disney in a $500 million deal.

While his friend’s show is blowing up, Haley Joel Osment himself is enjoying a second act to his career. After taking several years away from acting (though continuing voice work on a series of animated features and video games), Osment how has a slate of projects set to come out in the next year.

He has finished production on the Entourage movie, as well as the movies Sex Ed (2014), Tusk (2014), and Me Him Her (2015).

Osment has left his baby-faced looks behind as well, debuting a shaggy beard in April for the premiere of his movie, In Your Eyes.

Those interested in seeing a clip of Haley Joel Osment smoking weed on Next Time on Lonnie can click here for a preview of the episode.