African Lions Less Likely To Attack During A Full Moon [Study]

A recent study has revealed that African Lions are more likely to attack people during a moonless night or immediately proceeding a full moon. The study, which examined 500 lion attacks on Tanzanian villagers over the last two decades has found that a vast majority of cases occurred from dusk through 10pm on nights with a waning moonlight.

Typically lions will not hunt on bright nights which explains their need to feed after a full moon.

A lion expert told the Telegraph:

”People start out at moderate danger during days 0-4, when the moon is only a sliver and sets shortly after sunset.”

The expert adds:

“Then, wham, danger spikes as those hungry lions can now operate in darkness for the rest of the lunar cycle.”

The study also found that Lions like to attack more during the rainy seasons since cloud cover from rain clouds tend to block out moonlight, allowing for better hunting conditions for the African Lions.