Dwayne Johnson The Underdog? (Video)


The pressure is on for Dwayne Johnson. This summer is filled with hot movie blockbusters coming out back to back creating fierce competition. No one would have ever imagined Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) as an underdog, but it seems that is the position in which Johnson has been placed according to Forbes.com.

In case you are in the dark as to the synopsis of this new Dwayne Johnson Hercules film, it takes place after the twelve labors. According to SlashFilm.com, Hercules (Johnson), along with five friends, has become a mercenary. Hercules (Johnson) finds himself selling his services, which includes intimidating enemies, in exchange for gold.

Things get interesting when the ruler of Thrace and his daughter hire Hercules (Johnson) to eliminate a horrifying warlord. That's when Hercules (Johnson) finds himself reliving his life as the hero.

While this is an interesting plot, with a budget of $110 million, Dwayne Johnson needs to draw a huge crowd to make it successful. Forbes addresses the issue that while there are fantastic effects, and enormous action scenes that would have made it a summer sensation ten years ago, today Forbes says it could be "just a face in the crowd." Ouch! It's hard to imagine Dwayne Johnson as just a face in the crowd.

Dwayne Johnson must be the main draw to bring movie goers out to buy Hercules tickets. The issue with this is, according to Forbes, Dwayne Johnson hasn't really had a solo movie hit since The Scorpion King back in 2002.

Johnson certainly gives an "added boost" in an ensemble cast, such as the Fast and Furious Films, as well as G.I. Joe, but when Dwayne Johnson is the one and only lead in a film, it could certainly present a challenge according to Forbes. Especially when Dwayne Johnson is going up against the likes of Tom Cruise in Retaliation.

When you look at films such as Snitch, where Dwayne Johnson was the one and only front man, which only earned $42 million, it is rather intimidating to think of the $110 million budget for Hercules. However, Forbes believes that the odds would be slim for Dwayne Johnson and Hercules to not at least bring in $300 million, "especially with the 3D boost."

Dwayne Johnson fans will want to show their support on July 25 when Hercules is released. Hopefully, Johnson will surprise the naysayers and will not only get good reviews from critics, but that movie goers will give Dwayne Johnson and Hercules two thumbs up, as well. Best of luck, Dwayne!