Casey Anthony Lawyers Charge Florida $147,000, More Bills Could Be On The Way

Florida residents, just like people all over the United States are still angered over the Casey Anthony verdict and now they are not only mad, their paying the bills for her defense to the tune of $147,018 with more possible expenses to come at a later time.

Anthony’s legal team has turned over state bills to the tune of $147,000 and those costs do not cover their salaries which they can not bill to the state.

According to ABC News the costs submitted at this time include expert witnesses, filing fees and other “business” expenses spent on the case to help cast doubt on Casey’s child murdering ways.

Florida has paid $118,000 of the requested money at this time.

It should be noted that state officials are refusing to pay some fees, including deposition transcript fees, independent contractor use and part of the defense teams travel costs, however $67,000 was paid for contractors associated with the defenses testimony.

At this time Casey Anthony is still in hiding and her attorney’s say nobody outside of her counsel know of her whereabouts at this time.