A Kid Doodles All Over Dad’s Passport, Now They Are Stuck At South Korea Airport

Kids are usually allowed to scribble and draw on paper, but are dissuaded from unleashing their creative talents on other surfaces like walls and furniture. However, a Chinese man’s kid apparently followed the dictum, but chose the wrong paper to draw on. Now, the father-son duo are stuck at the airport.

A Chinese tourist was reportedly left stranded in a Korean airport after his four-year-old son defaced his passport with a black pen. The Chinese man, identified only as Mr. Zhang, made the classic mistake of trusting his four-year-old son with what is the most important document for international travel; his passport.

As it turns out, the boy apparently made good on the opportunity and sketched all over his father’s passport for the entire duration of the flight. Treating the vital document as a fun sketch and scribble book, the boy somehow managed to create amateur masterpieces on multiple pages.

The Inside Pages Of The Passport Were Drawn On Too

Most of the sketches are quite crude, but one can easily make out clouds, plants, weirdly shaped humans, and barely recognizable animals scribbled all over the passport. Most of the drawings appear to be unintelligible squiggles on the People’s Republic of China travel document, reported The Telegraph.

As if the pages weren’t satisfying enough, the kid appears to have taken a very special interest in his father’s photo. The boy has literally let his imagination run wild and added black shades to his father’s face and an explosion of whisker-like facial hair that sprouted from his chin, cheeks and scalp, reported Fox News.

The father was blissfully unaware of the debacle until he had to present his passport at the South Korean airport while returning to his home-country. That’s when he realized his mega blunder, but there was no turning back and no way of undoing the kid’s artwork.

Now, the South Korean airport officials have detained Mr. Zhang for ‘Unrecognizable Documentation. As a quick-fix and workable solution hasn’t presented itself, the man took to the Chinese search engine and social media portal Weibo to plead, “It is so depressing. What am I supposed to do now I cannot go back to China? Solutions? Help???”

Meanwhile, skeptics on the social media are claiming that the story could be a hoax as the name on the passport has been very smartly obscured. Just look at the photo and decide for yourself.

[Image Credit | Sploid]