Wow, there sure a lot of snoopy spouses out there, at least when it comes to email

I can honestly say that I I have never snooped in my wife’s email inbox but it helps that she doesn’t have one I guess, or that I learned at a very early age that you venture into a woman’s private domain at your own peril. Heck I don’t even go in her purse or wallet however it seems that this isn’t a feeling shared by everyone these days.

According to a new study from the folks at Retrevo you guys and gals out there sure do want to know what your spouses are writing or talking to.

  • 30% of all men in the study check the email or call history of their spouse
  • 35% of women do the same thing

Married couples are even worse

  • 32% of men do the snooping
  • 41% of women do the snooping

When it comes to their kids it seems that 37% of parents have no problem snooping in on their kid’s online life.

As for tracking spouses and family members by using their phones GPS feature, most people say they would never sink this low (68%), but a good number of respondents (20%) did say they would use this feature if they became suspicious of their spouses or partners. When it comes to their kids, though, most parents have very little issues with tracking them, though. Just under 60% of parents would happily use GPS technology to track their offspring.

via SiliconFilter

Isn’t this such a trusting world we live in.

images courtesy of SiliconFilter