Lil Wayne Performs With Nicki Minaj And Drake [Video]

Lil Wayne made today’s headlines after performing with Nicki Minaj and Drake last night.

Last night, Nicki Minaj performed her set at the New York radio station’s Hot 97 annual Summer Jam. During the performance, Minaj announced that she had beef with her one time suitor, Drake, stating “I used to love you, but nigga, I don’t F**k with you no more.”

Then Drake came on the stage and started performing his “Believe Me” single, which brought Lil Wayne out on to the stage to perform their collaboration for the audience.

Lil Wayne is the face of Young Money, as the one who recruited Drake, and Nicki Minaj and made Young Money what it is today. Lil Wayne is getting ready to retire from the rap game after he drops his final album Tha Carta V. The rapper plans to retire because he’s tired and feels like he is no longer the best rapper alive. Lil Wayne has dedicated many years to the rap industry, and plans to retire with dignity.

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