The Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers discussing sharing a stadium

This news makes some much sense that I know in the end Al Davis will think it is a terrible idea. However, it looks like theSan Francisco49ers and Oakland Raiders could wind up sharing a newSan Franciscobay area NFL stadium. The Raiders play in one of the oldest NFL stadiums, and one of the only multi use building still used in the NFL or MLB. The 49ers play in a stadium originally meant for baseball and could use some modern enmities as well.

This is where this story starts to make sense. The people who live in the Bay Area and the citizens ofCaliforniaare not going to build one, and definitely not two stadiums for these teams. The 49ers have a plan in place for a new stadium. The City ofSanta Claraapproved a deal, where they would supply 114 million dollars new stadium construction, but the plan has rested on the vine since additional financing could not be found. The Raiders may be the source of those additional funds.

Two NFL teams sharing one building sounds a little crazy on the surface. Since only the New York Giants and New York Jets currently share a building, but that has been a successful partnership since 1984, and the two teams combined helped to get a new building constructed recently. It is a model the 49ers and Raiders could employ successfully and help each other open up new revenues streams from a new building. It also helps to keep cost down, as the teams would likely share those kind of expenses.

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