‘MK 10’ Confirmed: Scorpion Finishes New Trailer [Video]

MK 10 has been confirmed. After the recent addition of the title to Amazon in UK, the game Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has been teasing for the past few weeks has officially been made public. There is no more doubt: Mortal Kombat 10 is coming to Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, and PC, according to the Amazon listing.

The music of Wiz Khalifa (“Can’t Be Stopped,” featuring the words “Who’s Next”) helps introduce the latest entry in the classic game series as it shows off the next level of graphics the game will be noted for. While it’s doubtful that the fight scene shown will be a full interpretation of MK 10 gameplay, there are parts that show a successor to the X-Ray attack in this MK 10 trailer.

Scorpion and Sub-Zero appear to be the only MK 10 characters confirmed for now, but after the last game we can expect a wide variety of characters, probably including the regular staples of Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, and Johnny Cage, as well as some characters that missed the roster last time.

The trailer, released on the date Ed Boon teased, begins with a Winter forest scene, and teases the appearance of Sub-Zero with ice forming on the tree trunks before scrolling by to reveal the frosty fighter. Opposing him, as expected, is the ever popular Scorpion in a similar landscape, except some of the trees around him are burning in spite of the surrounding snow. A familiar voice yells “fight,” and the two start the always brutal dance of death.

Older fans might appreciate NetherRealm’s attempt to give the sense of realism back to the series after switching to a 3D rendered look so many years ago. With the recent Amazon listing stating that the game will be on all expected formats, it appears that the current gen versions of MK 10 are confirmed with the use of almost life-like details.

This is still just a trailer and probably shows very little if any actual MK 10 gameplay. The expected MK 10 release date is in 2015, and if previous releases are anything to go by, it will hit retail in Fall.

[image via blogspot]